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Coonara are Australia's home heating experts

Australian made Coonara wood heater and gas fireplaces are the perfect heaters for warming your home during Australia's cold winters.

Coonara is an Australian heating legend and generations of Australians have spent winters gathered around their Coonara heaters to ward off the winter chills. With a variety of models and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the right Coonara heater for your needs. The Coonara wood heater and gas heater brand is synonymous with Australia and has a history based on quality, reliability, heating capacity and low running costs.

An Aussie Icon - Proudly Australian Made

For over 35 years, Coonara has been manufacturing high quality, economical, efficient and affordable wood and gas log heaters that Australians love and trust. Coonara wood heaters and gas heaters are proudly Australian made and are built for Australian conditions using high-quality local and imported materials, so you know you can rely on Coonara heaters to keep your family warm even on the coldest days.
Coonara has a wide range of stylish gas or wood burning heater models, with a wide selection of inbuilt or freestanding models to choose from, so finding the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle is easy. Plus, Coonara’s unique design means that even the smallest Coonara heater can provide plenty of warmth during Australia's cold winters.

Coonara wood heaters and gas heaters are proudly Australian made using high-quality local and imported materials, so you know you can rely on Coonara heaters to keep your family warm even on the coldest days.

Coonara heaters are perfect for Australian homes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are wood heaters cost effective?

Wood heaters can be very cost effective if you choose the correct sized wood heater for your home and use it correctly. When compared to gas or electric heating, wood heaters are typically more affordable, and overall they don't require as much ongoing maintenance. Some factors that will affect the running cost of a wood heater include: whether you buy wood from a supplier or cut your own; the size of the heater and area you are heating; the location of the heater in your home; whether you keep your heater running or start it from scratch each day; making sure you don’t burn too much wood or overheat your space. If you live in an area that has no natural gas supply and you rely on bottled LPG gas for heating, then a wood heater is an efficient heating solution. You'll save gas and have a more effective heater.

What is a Coonara?

An iconic name in home heating in Australia, Coonara gas log fires and wood fires is Australia's most popular brand of home wood heaters. Coonara gas log and wood heaters are proudly manufactured in Australia using imported and local components.

Can you leave a wood heater on overnight?

Yes, you can leave your wood heater on overnight without any problems. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use and to correctly  ventilate your home well in advance of burning any firewood, as well as making sure the flue is maintained and free from build-up of creosote, and that all flammable items are at a safe distance from the heater.

How do I make my wood heater burn all night?

To ensure your wood heater burns all night, use dry hardwood fuel and close down the air intake so that the levels of oxygen fuelling the fire are at their minimum. The wood will burn slowly so that the area being heated stays warm. In the morning, there should be some embers with which you can easily restart your Coonara wood heater. Remember to never overstock your wood heater.

Can wood heaters give off toxic fumes?

If you keep your wood heater well vented and maintained and avoid burning any noxious or highly flammable materials (like treated pine, painted planks, plastics or any non-natural hard wood fuel) most of the emitted smoke from a wood stove will be composed of CO2, water vapour and other organic compounds. Burning dry hard wood like red gum will keep any toxins emitted via the flue/chimney to a minimum. If you experience any respiratory problems such as asthma, it is advisable to have your fireplace and wood log burner regularly inspected and cleaned by an expert before using it. We recommend a thorough and professional clean before every winter season for all owners of wood heaters.

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