Frequently Asked Questions

Do Coonara gas heaters use a balanced or power flue system?

Yes all current model Coonara Gas Heaters use a Power Balanced Flue.

Am I able to convert my Coonara gas heater from LPG to natural gas or vice versa?

Yes all current model Coonara Gas Heaters have the ability to be changed from one gas source to the other, contact your local Coonara agent for further details.

Am I able to purchase a Coonara gas heater with the power cord on the right or left hand side of the appliance?

Yes this can be done upon request at an extra cost, contact your dealer for more information.

My heater was supplied with sand in the base. Do I need sand or can I use firebricks?

Sand or a layer of ash will be fine, sand is no longer necessary.

Where am I able to source parts for my heater?

Use the state or postcode search on our dealer search to locate your nearest Coonara dealer.

What size flue do I require and can I use my existing flue from my old heater?

All current model Coonara wood heaters have a 6” flue spigot and require a flue kit. There are different requirements for each state and territory in regards to the required height. Triple Skin Flues are required for all console models; contact your local Coonara dealer for further information. If you want to use existing flue for your new Coonara wood heater, please contact your installer for further details and inspection.

What side of the appliance does the power cord come out from?

All current model Coonara console wood heaters have the power cord at the rear of the heater positioned in the middle, except for the Coonara Firelite which has the power cord positioned on the right hand side at the rear of the heater. Inbuilt models have the power cord positioned on the front fascia, on the right hand side of the appliance.


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