The Coonara Power Flue System. A cleaner source of heating

For those who love the heat and atmosphere that a wood heater provides but don’t want all the fuss and bother of sourcing, storing and chopping wood, a gas log fireplace could be the touch-of-a-button answer to your winter fireside fantasies.

For a long time, conventional gas fireplaces presented a few challenges. Older models required the use of an existing chimney and needed to be well-ventilated to protect against potentially harmful combustion gases. There were also other considerations – namely oxygen depletion, placement limitations and less than stellar efficiency ratings (read high energy bills).

In recent years, however, balanced flue technology (such as the Coonara Power Flue System) has changed the gas heater game. In fact, gas log fires that incorporate a balanced flue offer a cleaner, healthier and more efficient alternative to most other forms of heating.

How does the Power Flue System work?

The Power Flue is made up of two concentric pipes (ie one inside the other). Using an electronically powered fan, air from outside is drawn through the outer pipe to facilitate the combustion process. The exhaust by-products are then forced back out along the inner pipe and away from your home.

To create a completely sealed system, Power Flued fireplaces must have a glass front. As well as providing the all-important seal to the room, the glass heats up, providing a gentle, radiant warmth that effectively heats even large spaces.

Enjoy some powerful advantages

In addition to the instant ambience and convenience of a gas fireplace, there are some compelling reasons to choose a model that runs using the Coonara Power Flue System:

Increased efficiency

Because it is room sealed, the heat generated by your Power Flue gas fireplace stays exactly where it should – wrapped around your family like a merino wool blanket (not escaping up the chimney). Plus, with no need to ventilate, there are no drafts of cool air to compete with. That means your heater doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to quickly warm your home. This all contributes significantly to the high-efficiency ratings (above 83%) and 4 plus star energy ratings offered by Coonara’s range of gas log fires.

You can breathe easier

Smoke-free and with no need to ventilate the room, a Power Flue significantly decreases the risks of irritants, dust and fluctuating room temperatures setting off an allergy or asthma attack. Since any combustion fumes that may otherwise aggravate an asthma patient’s symptoms are carried safely outside without depleting room oxygen levels, you can relax comfortably in the knowledge that your family’s health and safety is taken care of.

Easy, flexible installation

In the past, safety and logistical issues meant that conventional gas log fires simply weren’t an option for ground floor apartments or complex placements such as corner locations or internal walls. The Power Flue changes all that, offering incredible flexibility; your flue can take a path that includes several bends, head down-and-out or sideways and terminate horizontally or vertically. You can even run the venting under your floor.

Because there is no risk of combustion gases accumulating in the space, you can safely install a Coonara Power Flued gas log fireplace in any room of your house – even your bedroom, a luxury that was previously unheard of.

The obvious choice for clean, convenient heating

Balanced flues, like the Coonara Power Flue System, have transformed gas fireplaces into one of the most efficient, clean, safe and flexible heating options available in the market. When you consider all these benefits, along with the modern styling and convenience of gas heating, it makes choosing a Coonara Power Flue gas log fire a no brainer.

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