Wood Heater

Created for the King and Queen’s castle. A big Bay Window heater for big homes.

Indulge yourself with the biggest woodheater in your street, perhaps state.

One of the rewards of having a large home is the ability to enjoy your home in sheer comfort. Indulge yourself in the special ambience that is created by the Coonara Firelite. Heating up to 32 squares*. You may choose to move to the next room and the Coonara Firelite will still keep you warm.

Where tradition meets innovation.

• Australian made and owned

• Glass size 570mm wide 310mm high

• 3 speed fan included - must be used while heater is operating. Refer Owners Manual

• Standard Colour – charcoal

• Durable cast iron lined box

• 10 year firebox warranty

Up to 32 Squares
Australian Made
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  • 32 squares
  • 1.1 G/Kg
  • 60.0
  • 18.7Kw
  • 400H x
    600W x
  • 860H x
    825W x
  • 200
  • Rear: 150
    Side: 350
    Corner: 50
  • Either side of door opening: 200
    Front: 550
  • 217
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