15 Living Room Fireplace Ideas

Welcome to our latest feature, '15 Living Room Fireplace Ideas,' where warmth meets style. As the heart of any home, the living room is where memories are made, stories are shared, and comfort is king. And what better way to elevate this essential space than with the cosy ambiance of a fireplace? At Coonara, we understand the importance of combining functionality with aesthetics, and our range of heaters, combined with clever decor, is designed to do just that. From the classic charm of log heaters to the sleek sophistication of gas models, we've curated a collection of living room designs that showcase how a Coonara heater can transform your space. Whether you're drawn to contemporary chic, rustic warmth, or minimalist elegance, you'll find inspiration on how to revolve your decor around our environmentally friendly and Australian-made heaters. Get ready to ignite your imagination and bring the comfort of a Coonara heater into your living room.

1. Rustic Charm with a Modern Twist

Imagine your space transformed by the nostalgic vibe of this wood heater, accentuated by an earth-toned rug and plush cushions that invite you to unwind. The retro ambiance is given a breath of freshness with crisp white trims and the natural touch of an indoor plant resting in a wicker pot. And the practicality doesn’t end with warmth; the Aussie Legend's steel trivet invites the homely act of boiling a kettle or cooking a hearty stew atop the fire. Make the Aussie Legend the centrepiece of your living room, and let the conversations flow as effortlessly as the warmth that fills the room.

Discover the quintessence of rustic allure paired with modern convenience in the Coonara Aussie Legend, an embodiment of timeless Australian design. This wood heater, showcased in a room that exudes warmth with its earthy brown walls and timber flooring, creates a serene retreat right in your living room. The Aussie Legend, celebrated for its ability to warm spaces up to 20 squares, is a testament to functionality blended with style. As the flames dance within, the radiant heat promises to envelop you in comfort on the chilliest of evenings.

Explore the Aussie Legend

2. Embrace Nature's Palette: A Cosy Nook with a View

Nestled against a deep charcoal backdrop, this living space is a serene haven that invites you to unwind in the embrace of nature. The expansive windows frame a lush garden, blurring the lines between indoors and out. A timber board floor, adorned with a rug echoing earthy tones, lays the foundation for a room that speaks of understated elegance. The luxurious leather couch, dressed in orange and earthy cushions, along with a dark green throw rug, offers the perfect spot for relaxation or delving into a good book by the gentle light of a sleek floor lamp. Every element, from the round black coffee table to the neatly curated bookcase, conspires to create an atmosphere that's both intimate and inviting.

Below this tranquil decor lies the heart of warmth, the Aussie Legend Stacker. A true icon in the Coonara range, this heater captivates with its large glass door, inviting the dance of flames into your room as a mesmerising focal point. Not just a source of radiant heat, the Aussie Legend Stacker also features a practical wood storage compartment to keep your fuel ready for use. The included steel trivet transforms this heater into a versatile companion, ready to boil a kettle for a warm cuppa or cook up a storm, making it much more than a heating solution—it's a lifestyle enhancer for those cold winter nights.

Coonara Aussie Legend Stacker

Discover the Aussie Legend Stacker here

3. Modern Tranquillity Meets Rustic Charm

Imagine a living space that combines the timeless allure of a stone fireplace with the sleek lines of modern furniture—a space that not only looks good but feels inherently like home. This is what you get in this beautifully designed room that marries mid-century modern aesthetics with the rustic charm of a stone chimney. The large windows offer a panoramic view of the Australian bush, bringing the tranquillity of the outdoors into this cosy retreat. A spacious brown leather ottoman invites you to put your feet up, while the textured earthy-toned rug underfoot adds a layer of warmth and comfort. The couch, an embodiment of contemporary mid-century modern design, is adorned with a soft grey throw and black and grey cushions, creating an inviting space to relax and rejuvenate.

Tucked within this rustic stone feature wall is the Coonara Compact Inbuilt wood heater, a masterpiece of space efficiency and sublime design. Perfect for smaller living spaces, this heater exudes elegance and provides outstanding warmth, capable of heating up to 10 squares. Its design is a nod to both the traditional and the contemporary, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any home decor. As you enjoy the serenity of your living room, the Compact Inbuilt is hard at work, making those chilly evenings a distant memory with its comforting embrace.

Coonara Compact Inbuilt

Experience the Compact Inbuilt's warmth here

4. Festive Warmth with a Touch of Australiana

When the festive season approaches, there's nothing quite like the glow of a wood heater to make a living room feel truly welcoming - and we all know that even with Christmas in summer, Australia’s weather can sometimes turn cold in a single moment even in the hottest of seasons. This contemporary space, bathed in natural light from generous windows, celebrates the joy of the season with a beautifully adorned Christmas tree. The lush garden view serves as a backdrop to a scene of holiday cheer. Timber floors gleam softly, leading to a plush blue rug that echoes the hues of the comfortable blue couch, accented with a matching cushion and a vibrant green throw rug. The room is a symphony of subtle colour and warmth, inviting family and friends to gather and make merry.

At the heart of this celebration is the Settler C500, a heater that is as much an Aussie icon as the Christmas festivities themselves. It offers more than just warmth; it’s a centrepiece that commands attention with its self-cleaning glass window and robust cast iron lining. Accompanied by a three-speed fan, the Settler C500 is equipped to heat an expansive area up to 22 squares, ensuring that even as the carols fade and the night cools, the warmth of your gathering remains. Sit back, relax, and watch the flames dance within this Australian-made marvel, making every holiday gathering a memory to cherish.

Coonara Settler C500

Explore the Settler C500 for your holiday celebrations here

5. A Hearth Fit for Royalty: Luxurious Warmth in a Grand Space

Step into a realm of luxury and comfort, where the grandeur of the Coonara Firelite takes centre stage in a spacious room designed for kings and queens - and cats (is there a difference?) This living area is a testament to indulgence, with its large windows pouring natural light onto the wooden floorboards. Central to this majestic setting is the Firelite, perched on a pristine white stone hearth, its flames captivating and inviting. The cream-toned couch, adorned with plush cushions and a cosy throw, beckons you to sink into its depths and unwind. Every detail, from the modern, low timber coffee table to the earth-toned rug—where a cat finds its peaceful slumber—radiates homely elegance.

The Firelite is more than a heater; it's a statement piece that declares your home as a bastion of comfort and style. Designed to heat an expansive area of up to 32 squares, it ensures that the warmth of your domain is felt in every corner, inviting you to roam your castle in absolute comfort. Whether you're inside enjoying the Firelite's radiant warmth or stepping out onto the patio with an inviting outdoor setting before coming back inside to the warmth, this heater continues to exude its regal heat, making every moment at home feel like a royal experience.

Coonara Firelite

Discover the majestic Coonara Firelite for your home here

6. Timeless Elegance: A Classic Flame in a Pristine Setting

Step into a space where the elegance of yesteryear is preserved with a touch of modern comfort. This traditional room, awash in warm white tones, exudes a sense of calm and orderliness that is both inviting and refined. Flanked by bookcases brimming with literature, the Hermitage Inbuilt Victorian gas heater takes pride of place, its panoramic view offering a display of beautiful, realistic flames that promise to warm the soul as much as the room. Above, an antique print graces the mantelpiece, its presence a nod to the heritage of this serene space.

Luxurious creamy white couches offer the perfect vantage point to enjoy the heater’s mesmerising flames, with soft cushions and a throw rug adding texture and warmth. The room’s centrepiece is a large traditional rug, upon which sits a coffee table adorned with books and ornaments, inviting leisurely afternoons spent with a good read and the comforting flicker of the fire. The Hermitage Inbuilt Victorian, especially when paired with the optional Cast Iron Fascia, is more than just a heater—it's a centrepiece that completes the narrative of a home that cherishes tradition, brightness, and meticulous care.

Coonara Hermitage Inbuilt Victorian

Envelop your home in the warmth of the Hermitage Inbuilt Victorian here

7. Contemporary Warmth: A Modern Retreat with a View

Welcome to a space where contemporary design meets the warmth of a traditional hearth. The Mosman Ember Bed gas heater, set against a chic concrete-look wall, commands attention with its elegant form and captivating flame patterns. The room harmoniously blends cosy with contemporary, featuring mood lighting that highlights the rich textures throughout the space. A large window frames a serene view of trees, inviting the calmness of nature into this modern sanctuary. The bench beneath the heater, expansive and inviting, suggests evenings spent lounging with a glass of wine, basking in the heater's warm embrace.

The couch, dressed in earthy tones, complements the natural sisal rug and modern timber coffee table, creating an inviting atmosphere for intimate gatherings or quiet reflection. The presence of the Mosman is subtle yet profound, circulating warmth with a whisper-quiet fan, ensuring that comfort is felt as much as it is seen. This living area is not just a room; it's a statement of style and elegance, where the Mosman Ember Bed is as much a part of the decor as it is the heart of the home.

Coonara Mosman Ember Bed

Discover the style and comfort of the Mosman Ember Bed here

8. Sleek Illumination: Artful Warmth in a Modern Haven

Step into this luminous modern haven where the Mosman Glass Media gas heater brings a symphony of light and warmth to the forefront of a beautifully designed room. The expansive window draws your gaze to the treetops, blurring the boundaries between the serene outdoors and the elegant indoors. Bone white walls serve as a canvas for the vibrant artwork above the hearth, mirroring the natural beauty just beyond the glass. The large, plush couch, dressed in cream with tasteful cushions and a throw rug, invites long, leisurely afternoons bathed in sunlight.

Below this artful display is the Mosman Glass Media, a heater that does more than warm the room - it captivates with its LED lighting feature, offering 12 different colour options to match your mood or decor. The realistic flame patterns create a cosy atmosphere, enhanced by the gentle circulation of warmth from the quiet three-speed fan. The thoughtful placement of pot plants integrates the greenery from outside, crafting a space that is as refreshing as it is warm. This living space isn't just a part of the home; it's a living, breathing work of art that combines style, elegance, and the latest in heating technology.

Coonara Mosman

Experience the radiant beauty of the Mosman Glass Media here

9. Rustic Sophistication: A Hearthside Haven

Embrace the essence of rustic sophistication in this inviting living space, where the Coonara Royal Domain gas heater takes pride of place within a stunning stone hearth. The room's palette is a medley of earthy tones, offering a warm embrace on cold, chilly nights. A coarse, textured rug anchors the space, paired harmoniously with a round timber coffee table that holds an array of books, ready for a night of fireside reading. The couch, a haven of comfort, is adorned with cushions and a throw rug in creamy earthen tones, creating the perfect nook for relaxation and reflection.

The Royal Domain is more than a heater; it's the centrepiece of a room that celebrates charm and romance with its stunning flame patterns that mesmerise and captivate. The balance of tiled floors and timber ceilings adds a contemporary touch to the natural, cosy aesthetic. Large windows invite the tranquil outdoors in, framing the verdant trees and allowing the dance of natural light to play across the room. A large wicker basket and shelves adorned with ornaments add a touch of personality and homeliness, making this space not just modern and comfortable, but truly a haven for those seeking solace from the bustle of daily life.

Coonara Royal Domain

Feel the romance of the Royal Domain in your home here

10. Dark Allure: Contemporary Elegance by Royal Flames

Step into a realm where dark elegance meets contemporary design, and the Coonara Royal Domain gas heater again reigns supreme amidst a palette of sophisticated tones. This cosy lounge is a masterclass in contrast, with its dark walls creating an intimate ambience that's both bold and inviting. The large window punctuates the space, offering a verdant outdoor scene that balances the room's deeper shades. A charcoal leather couch, accented with dark cushions and complemented by cream and charcoal throw rugs, beckons for evenings of luxurious relaxation.

Above the fireplace hangs a serene seaside painting, a visual escape that harmonises with the room's tranquil atmosphere. A sleek black entertainment unit anchors the space, its reflective surface enhancing the depth of the room and providing a stage for a palm plant to inject life into the dark canvas. The knitted dark cream ottoman and wooden coffee table add a touch of organic warmth, grounded by a plush dark grey rug. A tray with tasteful ornaments sits atop the table, a simple yet elegant testament to the thoughtfully curated space.

Amidst this scene of dark allure, the Royal Domain's stunning flame patterns become a mesmerising focal point, providing not only physical warmth but a visual feast that elevates the entire experience of the room. Its presence transforms these cold, chilly nights into an exhibition of charm and romance, where each flicker of the flame accentuates the room's modern elegance.

Coonara Royal Domain

Immerse yourself in the elegance of the Royal Domain here

11. Light and Airy: Modern Comfort Meets Classic Charm

Bright and inviting, this modern living space combines the clean lines of contemporary design with the warmth of classic touches. The Coonara Royal Freestanding Round Pedestal heater, with its sleek white finish, stands as a modern sculpture on its pedestal. The room is flooded with natural light from the large windows, casting a glow on the light wooden floors and cream furnishings. Mid-century modern influences are evident in the wooden framed chair, with its bone white upholstery and the accompanying earthy ottoman, inviting you to unwind with a book or a warm cup of tea.

The low timber coffee table centres the room, adorned with simple, elegant ornaments that speak to the minimalist aesthetic. A large, earthy clay pot next to the fireplace adds a touch of organic texture, harmonising with the lush greenery visible through the window. A bright print hangs on the wall, adding a bold flash of contrasting colour, while the cream rug underfoot softens the space, making this bright and airy room the perfect urban sanctuary for those seeking solace within the city's hustle and bustle.

Coonara Round Royal

Embrace the elegance of the Royal Round Pedestal here

12. Homestead Charm: Cosy Fireside Companions

Step into a scene that captures the quintessential warmth of a homestead with the Settler C600 Ranch heater at its core. This heater is the heart of a room designed for comfort and connection, not just with the people we love but also with our faithful pets. A dog rests contentedly on a coarse cream sisal rug, basking in the gentle warmth that radiates from the fire. The cream mid-century modern couch, adorned with grey cushions and a creamy brown throw rug, invites you to sit back and relax in a space that feels like a true home.

The heater, poised on a grey tiled hearth, is perfectly positioned to allow for a clear view of the fire's mesmerising dance, while the large windows open out onto a verdant lawn dotted with trees. The bright interior with cream walls amplifies the natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. Practicality meets style as the wood storage beneath the heater ensures you have everything you need for a cosy night in, without stepping into the cold. A charcoal pot plant adds a touch of greenery, while a wicker basket continues the rustic theme, making this space a testament to stylish and functional rural living.

Coonara Settler C600 Ranch

Embrace the rustic warmth of the Settler C600 Ranch here

13. Sunlit Serenity: Warmth and Light in Perfect Harmony

The Settler C600 embodies the essence of wood heating with ease and elegance, bringing character and warmth into a sunlit room. Polished wood floorboards reflect the natural light that streams through the windows, illuminating the plush cream rug. This is where comfort meets luxury. The bone white leather couch, draped with soft grey and light brown throw rugs, offers a welcoming space to relax and enjoy the mesmerising flicker of the flames.

Surrounded by luscious pot plants nestled in wicker baskets, the Settler C600's raised hearth becomes the centrepiece of this bright room, the hearth’s wood bordering adding a touch of natural beauty. The durable cast iron lined fire box and self-cleaning window ensure that the heater is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, capable of warming an expansive open-plan living space. This image, with its cream walls and a light wooden framed picture, evokes a sense of serene domestic bliss that only a home with a heart like the Settler C600 can offer.

Coonara Settler C600

Discover the Settler C600 for your sunlit space here

14. Vintage Modernity: A Contemporary Take on Classic Living

The Coonara Chateau Victorian gas heater brings a touch of elegance to a living room that harmonises the old with the new. Restored timber floors, reminiscent of the home's 1940s origins, lay the foundation for a room that marries vintage aesthetics with contemporary comfort. The fire, ensconced within a classic cream brick mantle, becomes the heart of the room, enhanced by the grandeur of the surrounding white mantelpiece. Cream couches flank the hearth, offering a front-row seat to the beauty of the gas log flames.

The room is adorned with carefully chosen art, while the wicker-look coffee table and large pot plants add a layer of texture and life. Ornaments on the mantle and the decorative cornices elegantly frame the modern yet traditional setting. This is a space that has been lovingly updated, respecting the home's history while creating a fresh, inviting environment that speaks to modern living.

Coonara Victorian Chateau

Feel the blend of past and present with the Chateau Victorian here

15. Retro Revival: A Toasty Nook with a View

Step into a space that artfully blends modern design with a touch of classic '60s flair. The Coonara Woody Tabletop heater stands with a poise that brings to mind the simple elegance of mid-century modern aesthetics and style. The room expands upwards into a wooden sloping ceiling, creating an airy sense of grandeur while maintaining the intimate comfort of a well-loved living area.

Against a backdrop of large dark-tiled hearth, the Woody Tabletop is a central character in this narrative of warmth and style. A stack of wood sits ready to fuel the flames, adding a rustic touch to the scene. The grey couch, adorned with a throw rug and plush cushions, invites you to recline and enjoy the remote-controlled convenience of this innovative heater. The rug underfoot is a soft counterpoint to the sleek timber floors, harmonising the natural with the crafted. Every detail, from the plant nestled in a wicker basket to the ornaments on the dark-tiled shelved wall, has been curated to create a living space that feels both timeless and contemporary. Large black-framed windows offer a panoramic view of the bushland, bringing the tranquillity of nature into this serene retreat.

Coonara Woody Tabletop

Experience the innovative warmth of the Woody Tabletop here

Conclusion: Hearth and Home – Crafting Warm Memories with Coonara

As we come to the end of our journey through fifteen enchanting living room ideas, each graced with the warmth of a Coonara heater, we hope you’ve found inspiration for your own home. From the rustic charm of a country retreat to the sleek lines of contemporary living, Coonara's heaters are designed not just to provide warmth but to enhance the heart of your home with enduring style and comfort.

Whether you were captivated by the timeless appeal of the Chateau Victorian, the innovative design of the Woody Tabletop, or the cosy allure of the Settler C600, each model promises more than heat; they offer a centrepiece around which life’s best memories can unfold. As the flames flicker and the warmth envelops your space, a Coonara heater turns any room into a sanctuary where relaxation, comfort, and style reside in harmony.

We invite you to envision the crackling of logs or the soft hum of a gas flame, to picture the gatherings, the quiet nights in, and the serene moments that await you. Let your imagination wander to what could be - a home that glows with the charm and elegance of a Coonara.

Explore our full range, find your nearest specialist dealer, and take the next step in transforming your living space into a haven of warmth and style. Visit Coonara’s website to discover how you can begin to create a focal point in your home that is as functional as it is beautiful. Because at Coonara, we believe that a fireplace is more than just a source of heat - it's the heart of your home.

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